Care instruction of valenki


It is preferably to wear valenki in dry and frosty weather. In case you have got valenki wet yet, don’t put them on heating devices, because they might be harsh and lost shape and got less.

It is the best to make valenki dry at room temperature; you could also put them on a heating floor. Don’t put valenki on, until them get completely dry.

Before leaving valenki for summer storing it is necessary to clean them carefully with a brush form dust and dirt. If valenki are seriously mud, the great help will be any carpet abstergent. You need to put smallish quantity of abstergent on valenki, rub it, remove with a wet sponge and dry them out. It is easily to do in summer.

There is a need to put a piece of paper in dry and clean valenki in order not to lose shape during storing. It is obligatory to polish them with aerosol against moths and pack into the plastic bag if you don’t plan to take them till winter or periodically (1-2 times a month) bring out valenki to ventilate and dry out in the sun for prevention against moths.

Following these rules, valenki will be in use for many long years.

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