Hello! My name is Lora Pavlova. I'm artist In 2017-2018, I had two personal exhibitions and took part in several exhibitions. I sold some painting. You know how it is important for each painter! From 2018, I began to visit the workshop of the famous artist-abstractionist Richard May. Ours has changed my life. Now my paintings are abstract. I draw pictures with a spatula, sometimes I use a palette knife, fingers, and almost never use a brush. I write intuitively. I do not give names to abstract paintings, as each person sees something of his own. I used to think that writing an abstraction is very easy and the one who cannot write realistically writes it. But it is not. When I embarked on this path, I realized that there was no turning back and how difficult it was! Selling pictures helps me to believe in myself. I really need your support. Thanks for attention! My oil paintings are in private collections in Belarus, Russia, England, Japan. Exhibitions: "I am.I am.I am.", Minsk, 2019. Regional exhibition "TUTAISHAYA GASPADARKA", Kolodishchi, 2018. The personal exhibition "PICTURES, LAVANDER", Minsk, 2018. Exhibition "I AM MONE, I AM SHISHKIN. I AM MALEVICH", Minsk, 2018. "ETHNO ART FEST", Moscow-London, 2017 The first personal exhibition "PICTURES, VALENKI, LAVANDER", Minsk, 2017. Art-festival of artists - self-taught "#WE ARE", Minsk, 2017. Regional exhibition "TUTAISHAYA GASPADARKA", Kolodishchi, 2017

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