Interactive art exhibition 30.06-21.08.22

As part of the project "Marc Chagall: the art of seeing the world with the heart"

National Center for Contemporary Arts Minsk, st. Nekrasova, 3

Curator - Nadezhda Khmyl Artists: Anastasia Akulova, Maryana Karpovich, Natalya Zubkova, Anna Ermakovich, Nadezhda Khmyl, Laura Pavlova, Yana Yanishchits, Julia Kachur, YARA

At the exhibition I presented an interactive project "Playing a Child" and two oil paintings.

The exposition is interactive: installations and art objects are accompanied by instructions and QR codes leading to the author's page with a video presentation. In the video (which replaces the abstract text), the viewer will be able to see the artist talking about the idea behind his work. To read a QR code, point your phone's camera at it in photo mode.

We dream of being happy. But happiness can be seen as abstract, not depending on us, as if it should happen by itself. Assigning responsibility for the quality of your life opens the path to achieving happiness, where every small change will be a step in its direction.

Remember yourself in childhood, establish contact with the inner child; daydreaming relaxed in an armchair, looking at the stars; listen to sensations in the body, aroma, touch, sounds, enjoy them; immerse yourself in the memories of the joyful moments of your life, feel gratitude for them; smile; making time to think about your own happiness are all small practices offered by artists. In their works, the authors share with the viewer their personal ways of bringing happiness and joy to life.

Let's strive to see all the good that surrounds us, and never stop appreciating it!

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