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Participation in the exhibition "experience that cannot be passed on " 5-25. 11. 2022, Grodno

“an experience that cannot be passed on " - an exhibition with my participation will be held from October 5 to 25 in Grodno.

at the exhibition I present an installation consisting of a painting on canvas, a clock and a discharge from the hospital.

miscarriage is a lonely, destructive experience from the inside, about which it is customary to keep silent in society. For a woman, a miscarriage at each gestation period is a real grief, loss and is experienced like any other death. Almost all women after a miscarriage blame themselves for what happened and are depressed, being left alone with their grief. Since in society a miscarriage is not recognized as a full-fledged loss, most often relatives calm a woman, devaluing her suffering, which is still painful. The guilt that a woman keeps to herself can haunt her all her life. Most women who have experienced the loss of a child as a result of a miscarriage do not receive proper attention and support. If we share our feelings with those who can support us, we will burn out together and get rid of the guilt that haunts us.

Exhibition "An experience that cannot be conveyed."

"Human culture is based on the transfer of knowledge from generation to generation. The precious experience accumulated by many human lives sheds light on the world around us and its structure. There is a phenomenon in which, having received experience, there is no way to transfer it. Every person will have to face death. Our knowledge about it is limited, because it is impossible to tell others about the personal experience of death. But the perseverance of a person in an effort to know the main secret of life, to find out if there is something after it, admires. A person is drawn to death, as if it gives answers about life.

In this exhibition, Belarusian authors share their experience of coming into contact with death, their idea of it, their fears and ways to overcome them in order to help the viewer reflect on this difficult topic. Awareness of our finiteness permeates our whole life. The culture of death, rituals and burial rituals shaped the mentality of our ancestors. By immersing yourself in the history and traditions of your people, you can better understand the present.

How to come to terms with the inevitable end of all life? Maybe the answer lies in the dichotomy of life and death, where joy, passion and action are born through pain, fear and loss. It is death that gives value to life, highlighting its fragility, gives rise to respect and respect for it against the background of fear of its end."

Curators: @nadezda_khmyl @vkusicvet_kalach Location: @anlo.home Death is a natural consequence of life, with which each person builds a unique relationship and gets his own unique experience.

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