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Exhibition «Oil paintings. Valenki. Lavender"


«Oil paintings. Valenki. Lavender"

Cafe-bar «Don Сoffe'on - Tumani», Minsk, 9 Zybitskaya St. , phone: +375 (29) 319-29-10


Lora Pavlova is a contemporary Belarusian  self-taught artist. Oil Paintings.

Insight art. The originals.

Lora's paintings are unique and naive. The main subject is the nature she sees around.  Lavender screams to be part of her paintings, seeing once you can't help falling in love with it.

Lora Pavlova is a well-known Belarusian felt boots designer. Her "Classic" and "Art" collections are ordered from all over the world. Felt boots"Lora Pavlova" are exclusive winter handmade shoes made with the soul. Each customer receives a gift of branded bouquet or sachets of lavender , grown in her own garden in Belarus. Oil painting is her true passion.

Some of the artist's works are in private collections.


Exhibition "I AM MONE, I  AM SHISHKIN. I AM MALEVICH", Minsk, 2018.

"ETHNO ART FEST", Moscow-London, 2017

Her debut exhibition "PAINTINGS , VALENKI, LAVENDER", Minsk, 2017.

Art-festival of SELF-TAUGHT ARTISTS "#WE ARE", Minsk, 2017.

Regional exhibition "TUTAISHAYA GASPADARKA", Kolodishchi, 2017


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