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"What Is Art", Gallery "Boomer", London, United Kingdom.

It is very nice that the two my pictures finally passed the selection and participate in the exhibition "What Is Art". "At that time, as some artists adhere to a very traditional approach to art, other risk unknown, and have always been constant spores about the" What is art "and making it valuable. In today's world success can be seen in both approaches, excellent examples are Damien Hurst and David Hock - two most famous and rich artists in the world, but with such a different approach to contemporary art. The purpose of this exhibition - to create a dialogue between different approaches to contemporary art and show that any path can be successful. " This exhibition will take place from 12 to 18 November in the gallery "Boomer", located on the Tower Bridge, one of the most iconic places in the world and the most visited place in the UK. "Boomer - a London picture gallery created by a group of London artists and art enthusiasts seeking to overcome the gap between cultures and countries, highlight the best hidden pearls and connect artists with a new and wider audience."

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